Important notice for tourists staying in Croatia!

Any domestic or foreign guests are required to complete a registration of residence and payment of the residence tax according to the Law on Residence Tax and the Law on Foreigners.


Make sure that your host has registered your stay here from the day of your arrival through to the day of your departure.


Each accommodation provider is obliged to register the stay of their guests.

They must also have a confirmation of registration for each guest

staying in any commercial accommodation facilities (hotels, aparthotels, tourist resorts, apartments, camps, pensions, accommodation, hostels, private accommodation, marinas, etc.).

At the request of the guest the host is obliged to present this confirmation.


Your registration is especially important if you are staying in private accommodation to ensure quality of service and comfort. Additionally, it is required in order to prevent the unlawful hosting of guests by those who are not legally registered to provide accommodation services.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation. 

We wish you a pleasant stay in Croatia.


In order to enter the Republic of Croatia, foreign nationals must have a valid passport or other identifying documents on the basis of which a border pass will be issued upon entry. The border pass is valid for three months.

Customs formalities: foreign nationals may bring their personal luggage into the Republic of Croatia without restriction.

Technical equipment, cameras, camping equipment, vessels and boat equipment and radio equipment must be reported upon entry to Croatia.

Pets are also able to enter the county with the presentation of vaccination and veterinary inspection records.

Motor vehicles: the vehicle requires a license, a green insurance card and a power of attorney statement from the owner if the vehicle is not driven by the owner.


Prices in stores include tax.

Foreign nationals can claim value-added tax for goods purchased in Croatia if they export goods from the country.

Each individual account must be in excess of HRK 500 (not applicable to petroleum products).

The merchant must issue an invoice for each paid item.

important phone numbers

Zip code Novigrad and Paljuv   23312


ZIP code Pridraga    23226


Police   192


Fire department   193


Emergency   194


Post office Novigrad   023/375-404


Post office Pridraga   023/669-001


Museum Novigrad   023/375-078


Pharmacy Novigrad   023/375-164


Harbor Master's Office Novigrad 023/375-060

General Practice Office Novigrad   023/375-116


General Practice Office Dear   023/669-220


Dental clinic Novigrad   023/375-409


Dental clinic Pridraga   023/669-058


Zadar Bus Station   060/305-305


Zadar Railway Station   023/212-555


Zadar Airport   023/313-311

Jadrolinija Zadar   023/254-800


Roadside assistance   1987


General information   18981